Building Wrenton - Page 9

September - October 2016

More work on the left hand scenic section

Two months work sees the buildings along the far side of the road fixed into place and their gardens developed. Here's a general view of the result.

General view

Temporarily in place on the layout and with passing trains:

Passing trains

The next view shows where the road continues over a bridge - this area will be developed when the scenic module is permanently in place.

Bridge area

Passengers leaving the station will be confronted by the next view. The war memorial on a small green, behind it the Fox Inn. On the right are two railway built cottages. These straddle the joint between two baseboard sections and are therefore removeable. The near cottage was leaning a bit when the photo was taken! Beyond is a rather neglected cottage.

View from station

Two more views of the green:

The green

The green

A view down the road:

View down the road

Here's that neglected cottage again. It has been on the market for a while but has now been sold and the new owners have been staying at the Fox next door for a few days while they've been cleaning the interior and putting up curtains. The removal van has arrived with their furniture.

Moving in

Two houses on the other side of the Fox...


...and an aerial view of their gardens:


To finish off the road there's a farm house and surrounding buildings. The farmer's wife is a keen gardener:


A closer view of the house. One of the farm hands has just brought the tractor out and is now closing the gate and having a chat to one of his colleagues:

Farm house

Meanwhile, in the yard, the farmer is chatting to his horse:

Farm yard

A look back down the road:

View down the road

November 2016

The left hand scenic section nears completion.

Scenic material has been added to the area around the road bridge and tunnel.

Road bridge area

Trains meet

The station master's garden has been planted and the car park reduced in size.

Station master's garden area

Garden and car park from above

Finally on this page a couple of views from the back of the layout. The foliage and sky in the background of these shots are on a ply panel placed in position for the photos. They're not part of the layout.

View from back of layout

Station approach from above