Building Wrenton - Page 32

August 2019

Road details

The roads have now got some extra details in the form of drain and manhole covers and some patches of repairs. This view from the north end of the layout shows some of them. They should probably be of tone and colour more like the road itself - but then they'd hardly be visible!

Road looking south

Station approach road

Drain detail

The covers are based on photos of the real things. This close up (right) shows one of the drains in the station approach road which is seen in the photo above.

These were my first experiments with water slide transfers.

Detailed road

Time for tea

While preparing the transfers I thought I'd make one to decorate one of the cottages thus making it a Tea Room.

Tea room

Weathering a J39

Bought as a factory weathered model I decided to have a go at improving this J39. I've tried to make it look rather more dirty.




Some photos

B17 'Liverpool' arrives with a stopping train of Gresley coaches...

B17 in  sstation

...and departs, passing the J39 waiting in the goods yard.

B17 departs

An ex-WD passes a BR Standard Class 4MT tank.

ex-WD and 4MT

The ex-WD again. The ice cream seller has moved from his usual location and seems to have attracted some customers.

ex-WD and ice cream van