Building Wrenton - Page 11

February-March 2017

The central scenic module started

One more building
I collected all the available buildings together, including the cottage shown on the previous page, and found that I needed just one more to complete the road in the middle baseboard. This one fills the gap.

The base of the middle scenic module was made from layers of foam board just like the earlier modules and the following photo shows it on the baseboard and with the buildings installed, the path of the road roughly painted in, most of the garden fences in place and trees placed temporarily along the back.

The central scenic module temporarily in place

For the first time it's possible to see the complete run of buildings along the full length of the baseboard. Here are views from each end.

General view from the north

General view from the south

View showing gardens
With most of the fences in place the next job will be to complete the back gardens. Perhaps not as much detailing required as in the outer sections...

The road and pavement part company about half way up the picture and the space between them, currently painted brown, will be grassed.

The buildings which bridge the joints between baseboards will, of course, be removeable as will large trees at the back of the baseboard - these hide part of the joints between the backscenes.

Once the scenic work has been completed away from the layout the module will be glued to the baseboard and the area between the road and the goods yard will be developed.

April-May 2017

The gardens of the central scenic module

Gardens in the middle baseboard
The gardens were constucted during April and early May. I've kept them fairly simple but made them as different as possible without spending too much time on them. Paths are a mix of printed textures, fine sand and painted surfaces. The flowers are home made clumps (see page 7) and some bought ones. Pots are also commercial products.

The walls and fences are also a mix of home made and bought.

The area behind the gardens has a rough layer of Woodland Scenics turf ready for further development. The road surface has yet to be painted.

Gardens in the middle baseboard

Gardens in the middle baseboard

Gardens in the middle baseboard

Gardens in the middle baseboard
Some of the buildings also have a few flowers, shrubs and plant pots in front of them. The picture to the right shows the same building as the first photo on this page.

Gardens in the middle baseboard

Gardens in the middle baseboard

Gardens in the middle baseboard

The next job was to add road markings and more of the home made four-bar fencing. Some static grass was added behing the fence.

Fencing added

Gardens of  railway cottages
The gardens of the railway cottages have also been started and a pedestrian crossing added to main road.

The belisha beacons were made by cutting the heads off pins and replacing them with small beads glued on with araldite.