Building Wrenton - Page 22

July 2018

A Diesel locomotive arrives

Wrenton has so far seen no diesel locos but arriving this month is this Class 24.

Class 24

Class 24

Class 24

And a new steam loco

Also new this month is an ex-LMS Fowler 3F 0-6-0 tank - a Jinty.

A Jinty

A Jinty

The Jinty, weathered by TMC, contrasts with a factory weathered J39.

A Jinty and a J39

Flying Scotsman

4472 passes through Wrenton on a lovely sunny day...

4472 on a sunny day

...and pays a second visit as a storm approaches.

4472 on a stormy day

Around the layout

An aerial view of the north end of the layout.

North end of layout

A coal train passes the church at the south end.

South end of layout

A view from much the same spot as one of the photos of the Class 24, but steam still rules.

Reverse curves

A general view looking north.

View from the South

Almost the full length of the layout seen from the north end.

View from the North

A crop from the previous shot gives a new perspective on the buildings along the causeway and at the foot of Church Hill.

Village corner