Building Wrenton - Page 25

November 2018

A new detail in the goods yard

The goods yard is still looking a bit tidy so I came up with the idea of a recently delivered pile of timber for a local builder. You can just about spot him here, he's folded back the tarpaulin so he can check what he's got.

Timber delivery

With the camera mounted above the layout, here's another view.

Timber delivery

The wood is just bits plastic strip of various sizes, the tarp is tissue paper, the bricks are 1.5mm long bits of 30thou square strip.

Timber delivery

Another station building

Not for Wrenton, but for a possible future project, this little building is based on the one at Crowcombe Heathfield on the West Somerset Railway.

Crowcombe station building

It was made using the same methods that were described on page 10 of this site. The trickiest parts of the build were the hanging flower baskets. They were made by covering 2mm diameter beads with scenic material and the flowers are simply dots of paint applied with the tip of a pin. The projecting signs were made from photos of the real building, printed on matt photo paper and inserted into slots cut into the walls by the Silhouette Portrait machine when the walls were cut out. The posters were also printed on photo paper.

Crowcombe station building

New views of the church

A view from above, the camera was perched on a rather crude home made boom arm fixed to the tripod.


A much lower angle. A window of the Red Lion can be seen through the archway in the Guildhall.


Wrenton in print

A couple of articles have appeared in the N Gauge Society Journal. The first, featuring some of the buildings as well as general views of the layout, was in issue 4/2018 and the second, featuring the point rodding, was in 6/2018.

NGS Journals

The layout also appeared in the December 2018 issue of Railway Modeller magazine.

Railway Modeller

Railway Modeller poster