Building Wrenton - Page 24

October 2018

Unusual train movements at Wrenton

Track works are taking place somewhere south of Wrenton so a bus service is in place. Some London Transport buses have been hired and here one comes down Church Hill.

Bus on Church Hill

As it reaches the station a train hauled by a Jubilee is just arriving.

Bus at station

In the goods yard waits a Jinty - it's job today is to help turn round the trains.

Jinty waiting

The Jubilee has uncoupled from its train and is now reversing onto the down line.

Jubilee reversing

The Jinty has collected the train and pulls it out of the station...

Jinty pulling

...and pushes it onto the down line.

Jinty pushing

The Jubilee has coupled up and is ready to depart with a north bound service, running tender first.

Jubilee coupled up

The train leaves and is seen from above as it passes through the short cutting between road bridge and tunnel mouth.

Jubilee leaves

The Goods Yard

Eire passes Wrenton on a non-trackworks day! A view of the goods yard from the back of the layout.

Goods yard

Portraits of Locomotives

Eire pops up yet again. The model, by Graham Farish, was weathered by The Model Centre.


A Graham Farish Ivatt 2MT also weathered by The Model Centre.

A Graham Farish Ivatt 2MT

A Graham Farish Ivatt 2MT

Another Graham Farish model, City of London, a member of the Princess Coronation class, in pristine condition.

City of London

City of London


This month's main construction project - more trees. These may make an appearance on a future small layout.