Building Wrenton - Page 26

December 2018

More new buildings for another project

New building

A couple more buildings loosely based on prototypes at Crowcombe Heathfield. The original of this one is not much older than the model.

New building

The shelter on the opposite platform isn't an original either.

The planking on the model was scored by the Silhouette Portrait machine with the blade set to a shallow cutting depth. A second pass with the blade depth set to maximum cut out the windows, door opening and the walls.


New views of the village

Looking south, this was taken with the camera sitting on a piece of wood spanning the tunnel portal and the road bridge.

Village from north

The village green and the Fox together with the run-down cottage where the new owners' furniture has just arrived. This was taken with the standard lens from an old 35mm film camera mounted on the digital camera.

Village green area

Using the same lens, here's a new view of the village looking north.

Village from south

Some trains in action

A couple of pictures using the same lens showing an Ivatt Class 2MT on a short local train.

Ivatt 2MT

Ivatt 2MT

A Midland 4F heads north with empty coal wagons and a Jinty waits in the goods yard.

4F and Jinty

The Class 24 is about to enter the goods yard to allow a faster train to pass.

Class 24

The faster train is hauled by an A4 "Bittern".


Bittern heads on its way.

Bittern passes Class 24