Building Wrenton - Page 30

May 2019

Another new building

A start has been made on a signal box for my possible new project. It's based on the platform mounted one at Crowcombe Heathfield on the WSR and is not quite finished yet.

signal box

More village photos

Church area




A BR 4MT shunts the yard

4MT shunting

4MT shunting

4MT waits for an A4 to pass

4MT departs

Trains meeting

BR Classes 4 and 5 meet

ex-WD and BR Class 5 meet

ex-WD and BR Class 5 meet

ex-WD meet and J39

June 2019

Loco crew and lamps

Not much time for model making this month but I did fit a crew to one of the locos.

Loco crew

Loco crew

I also tried adding lamps to the loco, but they look a bit over scale size. They're not glued on, but are held with tiny pieces of Tacky Wax.

Loco lamps

The brake van gets a lamp too. This one is glued on.

Tail lamp

Fitting those lamps to the loco proved to be very fiddly so there are none in these two photos.

2MT with goods

B1 in station