Building Wrenton - Page 18

February 2018

Some details around the village

Starting at the small green, where a finger post has been added. The arms point to Buckingham to the left and Borchester to the right. They are names of famous layouts. The restored 1920s taxi is owned by a collector of old cars who is coming to the station to pick up a couple of friends...

Taxi and green

...And here they are as the taxi pulls in...

Station forecourt

...The same scene is viewed from a lower angle...

Station forecourt

...Having picked up his friends the invisible driver heads for home, seen here as they cross the railway bridge. The narrow bridge signs are new, made from a pin with the head cut off for the post with a sign printed on heavy photo paper and carefully cut out with a fresh, sharp scalpel blade.

Road overbridge

A couple of cyclists are now free-wheeling down the church hill.

Cyclists descend Church Hill

Another cyclist heads down the hill at the other end of the layout.

Lone cyclist

Weathering - again!

A couple of covered carriage trucks and a horse box have been weathered.

Weathered vehicles

They are here seen in service passing through the station.

Weathered vehicles

Corridor Connectors

Paper corridor connectors have been added to some of the carriages. Since the photo was taken shorter couplings have been fitted to these vehicles and the connector has been shortened a bit.

Corridor connectors

Corridor connectors