Building Wrenton - Page 16

December 2017

Ground Signals

Making the (non-working) ground signals was a fiddly job, and they're very crude. A bit of 40thou square plastikard for the post. A 2.5mm length of 30thou rod with the top rounded off to suggest the lamp. A 2.5mm diameter disc of 10thou cut in the Silhouette machine. And an operating lever cut from 20thou. I made more than I needed so that I could chose the best ones to put on the layout.

The next photo shows one of the ground signals controlling the exit from the refuge siding and a Ratio signal kit assembled and acting as the down home.

Another view of the same scene:

This view shows another of the ground signals at the exit from the goods yard - if you look closely!

Around the Signal Box

Another job for December was to add some details around the signal box. The signalman on duty has parked his bike beneath the staircase and now has a generous supply of coal in the newly installed bin. And in case the stove gets out of control there are some fire buckets available. The bike is Modelscene, the bin is plastikard and the buckets are by Springside Models.

More Weathering

Three more wagons done, this time Esso tankers.

I started thinking about weathering the carriages and made a start with this 'blood and custard' Mk1 full brake.

Photos of the Church Yard

In the porch the church warden is chatting to the two ladies who do the flowers. To the left a seated figure looks down at his dog - ready to continue their walk? And on the right a visitor to the village removes his hat as he contemplates the memorial of one of his ancestors.

Grandad has brought the children to visit grandma's grave...

Finally for this month, a view of the whole church.