Building Wrenton - Page 27

January 2019

Another building for a new project

This building is based on a drawing of signalmens' cottages at Badminton to be found in a book about GWR architecture. As usual I'm not aiming at an exact representation, simply using the drawing as a basis for the model.

Views of the village

The farm house and adjacent barn at the north end of the high street.

Again at the north end of the layout, tilting the camera up a little above the station platforms gives this view.

Some trains

Same end of the layout; the station with passing freight trains.

At the other end of the layout and with the guildhall and church in the background Eire passes with a passenger train.

I've used this photo before but here it has been more tightly cropped as well as converted to monochrome.

February 2019

Portraits of a B1

B1 heading north

B1 heading north

B1 heading north

An A4 arrives and departs

Bittern arrives

Bittern departs

No trains...

Waiting for trains

Cars departing