Building Wrenton - Page 23

August 2018

Until recently there was only one coal train on the layout consisting of a mix of fitted and unfitted wagons. The ex-WD hauls it through the station.

ex-WD with coal train

But now there's another one.

A batch of Peco wagon kits have been assembled and painted, some seven-plank wagons and some steel ones. The wooden vehicles have joined the train of loaded wagons and the steel ones have been formed into a train of empties, with some of the existing models adding some extra length. The next photo shows some of the kits during construction.


The north bound empties wait in the lay-by siding while the loaded train passes south bound.

Coal trains

Two views from the other end taken with the camera at slightly different heights.

Coal trains

Coal trains

More photos

This time the Midland 4F heads south with the loaded coal train.

Coals pass a local passenger train

And the ex-WD is in charge of a mixed freight train.

ex-WD with a mixed freight

An overhead view looking northwards.

Overhead view looking north

The ex-WD heads back north passing a Jubilee with a passenger train.

Jubilee passes ex-WD

September 2018

A dirty 4MT tank meets a pristine 5MT.

4MT tank and 5MT

The 4MT again, entering the station.


A view of Church Hill taken with the camera resting on track in the goods yard.

Church Hill


A return to tree making, intended for a possible future project.


These were made using my usual twisted wire technique.



The next one is a low-relief specimen.

Low relief tree

Here's a rear view of the same tree.

Back of low relief tree