Building Wrenton - Page 20

April-May 2018

Views of the layout

North end of the layout

South end of layout

North end of layout

Guildhall and Church

Shunting the goods yard

Point rodding

A start has been made on adding a rather crude representation of point rodding. The stools were made from 30 thou plasticard, the holes being drilled using a simple jig. They were fixed to small pieces of 2.5mm square plastruct. The cranks were cut using the Silhouette cutting machine and similarly mounted. Here they are, sitting on a strip of masking tape which was used to hold the tiny bits of plastic while they were being assembled and painted. I tried to avoid painting over the holes.

Rodding stools and cranks

Next I cut holes into the ballast and scatter material.

Holes in ballast

When the rodding stools and cranks had been glued into place the holes were re-filled. The wire representing the rodding was then threaded through the stools and held in place with drops of superglue.

Rodding installed

Rodding passing across the tracks to one of the points was added next. To avoid any risk of causing a short circuit the rodding between the four- and six-foots were made from plastic. Wire was used for the longer sections, two short lengths being glued to the underside of the 'wooden' covers.

Crossing the tracks

Here are some photos of the area with passing trains.

B17 and 4MT

B1 with a coal train

ex-WD approaches point rodding


A Jubilee arrives

A new addition to the layout is this Jubilee class loco.

A Jubilee

A Jubilee

A Jubilee

A Jubilee

A Jubilee

Aerial view

A composite of several handheld shots looking down on the layout.

Aerial view