Building Wrenton - Page 17

January 2018

Weathering Mk1 Carriages

One Mk1 carriage was weathered last month and now more have been done. Here are three of them.

And here they are hauled by City of London.

I also worked on some maroon liveried vehicles which I'd bought with factory weathering. I didn't like the effect and decided to try to remove it - very carefully - with IPA (Isopropanol). This coach shows a side partially done. The chassis and bogies have already been weathered.

And here they are with A4 Bittern.

Weathering Teak Carriages

The teak coaches have had some weathering applied, but the sides and roofs are untouched. I may do some more work on them as it seems that the solebars of some of these vehicles were painted with a teak-like colour.

Platform Clutter

Another small job done this month - a porter and some luggage added to the up platform...

...and there are some more barrows parked beside the footbridge.

Loco Coal

The plastic moulded coal in the loco tenders never looks very convincing, so I've started adding real coal where possible. Both of these locos have space in the tender once the plastic version is removed. I've not completely filled the tenders using Peco fine grade coal which was fixed in place with Scenic Cement.

These two, though, have their motors in the tenders so a small amount of real coal has been added on top of the plastic.

With Bittern and Flying Scotsman posed for the above shot I couldn't resist taking the next one from a lower angle.

Another picture of Bittern, this time with a goods train.

A Visitor from the West

Finally for this month a couple of pictures of a train that would never be seen in an East Anglian village. I do like GWR Pannier Tanks and so a 64xx and autocoach have joined the collection. Both were weathered professionally.