Building Wrenton - Page 33

September 2019

Phone photos of the village

I've been taking some photos using my phone. With it upside down the lens is much lower than my camera's lens and the phone can fit into tighter spaces too. So here are some new views of the village. First, the main road in the centre of the layout.

Street view

The Causeway.

The Causeway

And the Fox public house.

The Fox

To the right hand end of the layout here's Church Hill.

Church Hill

Further up the hill.

Church Hill

Looking back from still further up the hill.

Church Hill

Phone photos of trains

I also tried some shots of trains. The phone was very close to the the BR 4MT in this shot, giving a dramatic perspective.


A Jubilee class.


The colour balance of this shot was too bad to use a colour version, but monochrome rather suits this Jinty.


Some new wagons

A short train of bulk grain wagons has arrived. I bought the Dapol models unpainted and had a pleasant time making them look really mucky and rusty and adding home printed decals.

Grain Wagons

Grain Wagons

Grain Wagons