Building Wrenton - Page 28

March 2019

Another new building

Like last month's building this is based on a drawing in a book about GWR architecture. This is a station master's house.

Station master's house

Station master's house

A GWR 64xx comes to visit

A long way from home, but it's an attractive little model.

64xx approaches

64xx waits

64xx departs

An Ivatt 2MT heads north

Ivatt 2MT

Ivatt 2MT

Horses and Train Spotters

I bought a set of Graham Farish horses and a couple of them are watching, or perhaps ignoring, the passing trains. I've named them after two horses that were still on a farm at Finchingfield when I visited as a small child - Smart and Blossom.



Another GF purchase was a set of young trainspotters. They've heard that something special is coming, though this isn't what they really want to see. Even Blossom has come to watch.

Train spotters

Now, this is more like it. Blossom got bored and wandered off.

Train spotters

Scotsman departs

Blossom didn't look right with her saddle on so I filed it off and repainted her. She's a bit straight backed, I think, but probably safest not to do more filing!

Friends reunited

The Village

I haven't photographed the station end of the village much lately so thought I'd try some overhead shots. Some time ago I made a boom from a bit of 2x1 timber that clamps onto the tripod head and allows the camera to be over the layout. It's always a bit frightening to use it - what might happen if the clamping fails doesn't bear thinking about. Anyway the layout survived and here are two new photos. The out of focus roof in the foreground is that of the goods shed

The village

Moving a bit further north gives this view of the village green area. This time the foreground roof belongs to one of the railway cottages in the station approach road.

Village green area