Building Wrenton - Page 15

November 2017

More photos of the village

I think figures in stationary poses look better than walking ones, especially if grouped to look as though they are having a conversation.

But sometimes a walking figure appears. One man and his dog...

More weathering of wagons

Further Peco wagon kits have been assembled, painted and weathered to form this train...

The next shots show closer views of the wagons in this train.

More wagons have been weathered, starting with three cattle trucks.

A couple of Insul-Fish wagons come next.

And two Presflos. These needed a lot of work, most of it using a dry-brush technique.

A bracket signal

A final project for November was the construction of a bracket signal. The posts were made from 60thou square plastic strip and the platform parts were cut from 20thou sheet. The supporting bracket was cut using the Portrait Silhouette machine and the handrail was fashioned from 20thou plastic rod. The other parts came from Ratio kits.


A couple of views of the signal in place end this month's pictures.