Wrenton - Construction and building of an N gauge model railway layout
Wrenton - Building an N Gauge Model Railway by Roger Beckwith

Updated November 17th 2021 (new angles video added)

1. 2013: Beginnings
2. September 2013 - June 2014: Village buildings
      No.1 The Causeway | Nos.1-4 Church Hill | The Red Lion | A shop | The guildhall | A large house
Nos.2 and 3 The Causeway | Nos.4-8 The Causeway | The vicarage
3. June - July 2014: Baseboard construction
4. July - October 2014: Track, trees and ballasting
  Track | Trees | Ballasting
5. October 2014 - April 2015: The station and more trees
  Main Station building | Shelter | Footbridge | Trees | Platforms | Fiddle yard | Lamp posts
6. May - August 2015: The church and other buildings
  The church | A tunnel portal | Nos.7 - 9 Church Hill | Scenery base
7. August - December 2015: The first scenics
  First greenery | Low relief trees | Flowers and the garden of 7 and 8 Church Hill
Garden of 9 Church Hill | Garden of the Red Lion | A wooded area | More gardens
The churchyard | More trees
8. January - August 2016: The village around the station
  More village buildings | And more | The second scenic base | Some buildings and gardens added
9. September - November 2016: More work on the left end of the layout
  Adding buildings along the back | Scenic work around road bridge and tunnel
Station master's garden and car park area | Views from the back of the layout
10. January 2017: Another cottage
  A step by step description of making a small building
11. February-May 2017: The central scenic module
  Another building and the start of the module | The gardens are developed
Road markings and fencing | Gardens of the railway cottages
12. June-August 2017: More scenic work
  Lineside scenery on the right hand baseboard | The baseboard is completely covered
The Goods Yard and the Signal Box
13. September 2017: Odds and Ends
  A cover for the layout | Extending the fiddle yard
Flying Scotsman, City of London and a J39 pass by | Loads for the mineral wagons
Re-arranging the railway room
14. October 2017: Weathering Goods Trains
  A first try at weathering | A train of coal wagons | A train of vans | Some photos
15. November 2017: Village photos and more weathering
  Village photos | Weathered open wagons | Other wagons | A bracket signal
16. December 2017: Ground Signals, Details, Weathering and the Church Yard
  Ground signals | Details around the signal box | More weathering | Photos around the church
17. January 2018: Yet More Weathering, Detailing and a Visitor
  Weathering Mk1 carriages | Weathering Gresley Teak carriages
Platform clutter | Loco coal | A GWR 64xx Class loco and autotrailer
18. February 2018: Village details, more weathering and corridor connectors
  An old taxi | Cyclists | Weathering CCTs and a horse box | Corridor connectors
19. March 2018: Views, goods yard and garden details
  Views from the back of the layout | Around the goods yard | Disused platelayers' trolley
Railway cottage gardens | Church Hill | A Midland 4F with a goods train
20. April-May 2018: Views, point rodding and a new loco
  Views of the layout | Point rodding | A Jubilee class loco | Aerial view
21. June 2018: More work around the track
  Point rodding | Ballast weathering
22. July 2018: A couple of new locomotives and some views
  A Class 24 | A Jinty | Flying Scotsman in different sun and storm | Around the layout
23. August-September 2018: More wagons, views and trees
  More coal wagons | Around the layout | Trees
24. October 2018: Train movements, portraits and trees
  Unusual train movements | The goods yard | Portraits of locos | More trees
25. November 2018: Goods yard, church, and a new building
  A pile of timber in the goods yard | A station building for a new project
New photos of the church | Wrenton in print
26. December 2018: New buildings, village views and trains
  Two small new buildings | Views of the village
Ivatt 2MT on a short passenger train | Midland 4F and Jinty | Class 24 and Bittern
27. January-February 2019: Another new building, village views and trains
  GWR cottages | Views of the village | ex-WD and J39 | Jubilee
ex-WD and J39 in monochrome | Portraits of a B1 | An A4 passes | Station views
28. March 2019: Another new building, horses and train spotters
  GWR Station master's house | A visiting 64xx | Ivatt 2MT | Horses and train spotters
Village views
29. April 2019: Photographic experiments
  Photos taken with a boom placing the camera above the layout
Eire photographed with a telephoto lens | Church Hill
30. May-June 2019: A new signal box, loco crew and lamps and more photos
  Signal box | Village scenes | A BR Class 4MT shunts the yard | Trains meet
Loco crew | Loco and brake van lamps | 2MT with goods train | B1 in station
31. July 2019: The new signal box completed, new locos and village photos
  Signal box | Village scenes | A new BR Class 4MT class | A new Castle class
32. August 2019: Road details and loco weathering
  Drains and manhole covers | Time for tea | Extra weathering on a J39 | Photos
33. September 2019: Phone photos and new bulk grain wagons
  Photos of the village taken with a phone | Trains photographed with a phone
Some new bulk grain wagons
34. October 2019: Brake vans and trains
  Two new brake vans | A B1 with a train of vans
Two phone shots of a Jubilee | A BR 4MT at work | A misty morning
35. November 2019: New loco, coaches, vans and views
  SE&CR Class 'C' | Birdcage coaches | New vans | New angles
36. December 2019: Gardeners, heritage trains
  Farmhouse gardeners | More village phone shots | Heritage trains
A Jinty on passenger duty | Passing trains
37. January-February 2020: Postcards and trains
  Picture postcards | Some passing trains | Stormy weather
38. March-April 2020: Trains and the Village
  Western Region day | SE&CR C Class | Brake vans | Village views
39. May-June 2020: Crews and Freight Trains
  More train crews fitted | Views of A4 Class Bittern | Freight trains | Aerial view of goods yard
Three new wagons | Aerial views of the village
40. July-August 2020: A New Loco arrives
  A new BR3MT | BR Standards | A J39 with a pick-up goods train | Bittern, again
41. September-October 2020: Some extra greenery
  Greenery | Class 24 at work
42. November 2020 - January 2021: New coaches
  New coaches | Telephoto shots | Village scenes | A Jinty passes
43. February - April 2021: Passing trains
  BR 3MT with Mk.1 suburbans | Class 24 with grain wagons | Village panorama
44. May-August 2021: A new loco
  Sonic Models 56xx | The goods yard | Passing trains

The village street

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